Summer Reading List for Newlyweds

Add these to your beach bag.

Welcome to The First Years of Marriage Newsletter! We talk about the conversations, challenges, and changes that begin once the honeymoon ends. Advice from experts, mistakes from me (Jen Glantz), and things you’re going to want to know as you continue to ask yourself this question - “I’m married, so now what?”

‘Tis the season to grab a bunch of books, stick them in your beach bag or on your nightstand, and vow to read them while the sun is still shining bright.

One of the best ways to figure out your life (the changes & the challenges you are experiencing) is by doing something as simple.

Today’s tip is to read.

Start a book club with your partner.

Read one of the books below solo and recite a summary of what you learned to them over 2-4-1 happy hour cocktails.

Grab one of the books that’s filled with activities and bring it with you as you kick back on a lounge chair.

These books are not your typical lovey dovey relationship books.

They are a combo of modern, honest, fun, and interesting to flip through.

Give them a chance, all at once, or one at a time.

3 Summer Reads to Give Your Relationship a Breeze

  1. Activity Books

    I’m not talking about coloring books. Though those are so fun and I did 3 of those during the pandemic. These books are filled with questions to ask your partner and discuss, tests to take to learn more about yourself + your partner, and challenges to do to get your relationship feeling good.

    -> Learn Your Love Language: Such an important thing to know about yourself + your partner. It lets you be more aware of how to show up for them. This book helps you do that.

    -> Understand Your Enneagram: It’s an ancient personality test that explains how different people are wired and their positive and not so positive traits. It’s fascinating to learn your Enneagram # and to see how you match with your partner. It’s always SO spot on. I love the info. and tests in this book.

    -> The Love Game: A fun thing to do this summer, with your partner, is play a question game. You always learn more about a person you think you know so well. I play this 36-question game with Adam quite often and truly adore the emotions it brings out.

  2. Advice Books

    I don’t like most advice books because I find the tips to be too preachy and just unrealistic. Nobody’s relationship is the same so the advice should not be either. These books give advice, yes, but in a very unusual way. It’s less about telling YOU what to do and more about you learning from the advice given to OTHER people.

    -> Tiny Beautiful Things: This is one of my all-time favorite books and it’s not just about relationships, it’s about all different things in life. It’s sad and raw, brilliant and beautiful. It’s gotten me through a lot of hard times.

    -> Stop Avoiding Stuff: That’s the name of the book and HELLO! What an awesome read for anyone in the relationship. So many newlyweds face problems about things they are avoiding. This one is a great one for your marriage book club.

  3. Books About Real People

    I might be a little biased (because I’m a non-fiction author), but I love books about real people and real things. If you’re not looking for games or advice but just really want to hug a good story (that you’ll learn from), then these are good options for you right now.

    -> How to Be Married: Amazing book on stories learned from people all over the world on what marriage and love means to them. It’s a fun and fast read. Great for the beach.

    -> Jen Glantz (That’s Me): I’ve been a non-fiction relationship author for the past 10-years. I’m suggesting my collection of books (about falling in love with the wrong people, working as a hired bridesmaid for strangers, and fighting the idea of marriage). Here’s where you can grab the book collection (for 25% off) and support ME! The author of this newsletter :)

    Love you (for as long as both shall live),

    Jen Glantz

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