Odd Job You Can Do from Home

Trade the Cubicle for Your Couch

When I started Bridesmaid for Hire, in 2014, people would often ask me where my office was.


The truth was, I was building this odd business while also working full-time as a copywriter at a tech start-up. My office was my bed (in the morning - when I answered emails and wrote copy for the website), a table at a grab-and-go lunch spot (where i’d sit during my lunch hour and try to get new clients), and my couch.

My office was my couch.

Years later, after getting laid-off from my full-time job, and growing my odd idea into a full-fledged business, every big decision, phone call, or moment of success, happened to me while I was working from the couch.

When you’re dreaming up a business idea, you might crave one that keeps you at home, whether working from a desk or on your couch. Either way, if you dream of doing something you can start without leaving your front door, this newsletter has some crazy cool ideas for you - from cuddling to chickens.

Odd? Brilliant.

-Jen Glantz

Odd Jobs You Can Do from Your Couch

  1. Broken Doll Hospital

    I love love love this job idea and saw it in real-life. A few years ago, while walking around a neighborhood in Brooklyn, Adam and I saw a few kids on their lawn with a sign that said: Doll Hospital. They were charging around $15 for doll repairs (fixing holes in your precious toy, gluing on hair in missing spots, and erasing marker stains). What an incredible business idea for kids.

    But also for you. Check out this doll hospital’s website, services, and process.

  2. Professional Cuddler

    If you love the couch, this gig is for you. Seriously. You can make money (even $4,000 a month) just by having people over who want to hire you for a cuddle session. The logistics need to be sorted out and boundaries need to be put in place, but if you’re okay with getting up close and personal with a stranger, then check out Snuggle With Sam’s business model, website, and even packages.

  3. Selling Engagement Rings (from Ended Engagements)

    Excited about setting up an e-commerce store? How about one where people can sell things they no longer have a use for? In this website’s case, they’ve made an entire business out of selling people’s engagement rings, once the engagement or the marriage, came to and end. How about a marketplace for wedding dresses or for selling off your entire wedding plans (contracts with vendors, etc.) for people who aren’t getting married anymore but have all the goods.

  4. Rent Your Space Out

    You can make a side business out of renting out your space. Sure, you can place a room or your entire home on AirBnB, but you can also rent out your living room or meetings or gatherings, and your backyard for small get togethers or parties. You can also rent out a space in your house for people to store things - yes, your own mini-storage!

    It truly doesn’t matter how big or small your space is. It just matters how creative you are willing to get to make it look and be desirable to a person who needs to rent some space for an hour or the entire day.

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Facts About Miserable People

85% of people are unhappy in their jobs.

That’s a lot of people.

Why are people unhappy? There are so many reasons.

When I think about a job I had many years ago, with a boss that had the personality of an alligator, I think about all of the reasons I was unhappy:

  1. Horrible boundaries.

  2. Bad pay

  3. Inappropriate requests

  4. Harsh feedback that wasn’t helpful

  5. Day-to-day tasks that weren’t enjoyable

  6. Mean and competitive co-workers

  7. A long commute

  8. Zero opportunity for growth or a promotion

  9. Frequent travel

  10. My boss. That was enough of a reason to be unhappy.

Ask yourself that same question and you can rattle off 10 reasons in less than a minute.

Odd Job Board: July 2021

  1. Social Buddy

    Good at making conversations? Known to be a hit at parties? Become a Social Buddy and make cash going to a party with a person you don’t know while you make them feel like you’re the friend they’ve known for a long time.

  2. Body Part Model

    Like being in front of the camera but only like certain part of you body in front of the camera? Consider a job as a body part model, where your hands, legs, arms, and even ears might get their moment of fame in the spotlight.

  3. Dating Profile Writers Needed

    Good with words and love to be the one to help make magic matches happen in someone else’s dating life? Being a dating profile writer can earn you over $30 an hour - from your couch.

Odd Job Spotlight: Something ODD You Can Rent

Rent the Chicken was founded by Phil and Jenn Tompkins of Freeport, Pennsylvania in 2013.

Their objective is to help people have one food source closer to their table. We call this concept yard to table. Each location is a family-run affiliate helping families to bring one simple food source closer to their table one rental at a time.

And under the about the rental section, it says that rent the chicken provides two to four egg laying hens, a coop, food dish, water dish, and food for a five to six-month rental.

At any time, the customer can adopt the chickens or chicken out and return the chickens back to the homestead.

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