How to Make $$$ During Your First Years of Marriage

It's time to cash in.

Welcome to The First Years of Marriage Newsletter! We talk about the conversations, challenges, and changes that begin once the honeymoon ends. Advice from experts, mistakes from me (Jen Glantz), and things you’re going to want to know as you continue to ask yourself this question - “I’m married, so now what?”

On my first date with Adam, we talked about business.

It felt a little bit like we were at a boardroom, except there wasn’t a whiteboard or a Polycom. It was just us, in a dimly lit coffee shop, talking about how we are both life-long entrepreneurs.

I told Adam about how I once made $100 in cash selling my friend’s comic books on the sidewalk.

Adam told me about how he was nicknamed the "bizz kid” in middle school for his wacky, yet profitable, business ventures. Before he was even Bar Mitzvahed, he was an eBay power seller. Back then, a title like that made you a legend.

Our love of side hustles, business plans, the show Shark Tank, and spending Sunday mornings brainstorming billion dollar ideas, has been an ongoing burst of excitement in our relationship.

Which got me thinking:

Everyone talks about how expensive it is to get married (argh, that wedding budget) but nobody really talk about how expensive those first years of marriage can be.

Gawk @ These Numbers:

In the U.S., weddings cost an average of $33,900 in 2019.

Most couples (74%) plan to take on debt to cover wedding costs. 

Couples spend an average of $4,466 on their honeymoon.

The median price of homes purchased by first-time homebuyers was $215,000

The average couples spends $66,861 annually on expenses.

Being a newlywed is expensive.

Plus, it can come with a pile of debt, an uncertain budget, and financial goals that feel out of reach.

We’ll talk more about finances soon, but today, I want to share with you something else!

If you are your partner are looking for a little extra cash, want to start your marriage off out of debt, or just want to challenge yourselves to work together and make cash…then take a look at this:

A list of 10 ways that you and your partner can make money together.

No, no. I’m not giving you any “get rich quick schemes”.

I’m sharing actual things Adam and I have done that you can do too - that don’t require signing up for anything or investing a dollar of your own cash.

All these ideas flowed out of my entrepreneurial brain at 4am and I figured I’d share them with you (and you can use them + share them with a friend too)


Ready for the list?

*Drum roll, please*

  1. Sell Wedding Stuff

    Do you have boxes of wedding stuff you’ll never need again (Signs, decor, DIY centerpieces, etc.).

    How about your dress or suit?

    Sell it all here and make money back.

    What about gifts you won’t use (like the third coffee maker someone sent you..) or gift cards (when you really just wanted cash)? You can sell gift cards here.

  2. Clean Out & Make Cash

    Spend a weekend going through all of your stuff and making a pile of things you can sell (clothes, furniture, appliances, junk, old computers, etc.). Then list it on apps like this one.

  3. Become Sitters

    I’m newly obsessed with how you can make money house sitting for someone when they go away - or farm sitting, yes, farm sitting. Check this out.

  4. Start a Podcast

    If you and your partner have ever wanted to start a podcast, go for it! You can create one for free (yes, free) right here. Over time (a year or less), you can make money from ads, subscriptions, merch and more.

  5. Turn Your Hobby Into a Side Hustle

    Do you and your partner brainstorm business ideas all of the time (if so, we should go on a double date) - but really, give it a go. This might require more time and some money, but download this free business plan and put the idea in motion.

    Remember me, please, when you make your first million!

  6. Rent Your Stuff

    Did you know you can rent your house, backyard, and car? You can rent so many things and make fast cash.

  7. Sit and Do Surveys

    Rainy weekend? Sit down with your partner and do a survey for cash. You can check out this company.

  8. Get Paid for Being Healthy

    Yes, that’s a thing. Check this out.

  9. Review Stuff

    You can make cash by reviewing products or businesses. Here’s how.

  10. Do That *Thing*

    Have your own idea? Inspired by this list? Set a goal to make $$ with your partner by the end of the year. This can help pay off debt, save for a goal, or just give the two of you something exciting to do in 2021!

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