The Cost of Love in 2021

It's budget-busting right now.

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Everyone is talking about how expensive it is right not to buy a house.

Home prices are up 19.1 % from just a year ago.

So many people are figuring out other options, like renting or moving to a city they never previously considered, because the houses in their neighborhood are wickedly expensive right now.

But you know what’s also extra inflated right now too?

Getting married.

Planning a wedding right now, for this year or next, is not only super pricey, but it’s a giant headache.


  1. It’s a mad rush

    So many couples who postponed 2020 weddings are back in planning mode along with all the people who got engaged in 2020 and 2021. Vendors are booked up and busy. Some venues are even booked solid until 2024 (can you imagine waiting to get married until the NEXT OLYMPICS?).

  2. Vendors are upping their prices

    Many wedding vendors had to increase their prices for many reasons. First, they were practically out of work during the pandemic and second, because of demand. There are so many people who want to work with them that they are able to increase their prices (supply vs. demand).

    I even had someone email me today saying they’d pay more if I canceled working with another person on their wedding date and picked them instead. I said no but that’s proof of how competitive it is right now for people getting married and getting vendors they want to work with.

  3. Prices are up all around

    A lot of vendors are charging more too because prices of their materials have gone up (from rising costs of flowers to the cost of food). This is driving package prices up quite a bit more than pre-pandemic.

While it’s super expensive (and a bit of a headache to get married right now), the price tag isn’t anything new.

Wedding costs go up a few percent every single year.

The average wedding cost increased from $27,000 to $44,000 from 2017 to 2018, according to the "Brides" American Wedding Study.

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Because, just like trying to buy a house right now is crazy expensive, here are some clutch tips to cut down costs.

Already married? Send this to your engaged friends because they are stressing (extra hard right now).

Already married? Leave a comment about the #1 thing you wish you didn’t spend money on for your wedding and the #1 thing you’re glad you did spend money on.

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How to Get Married Now & Not Spend a TON of Money or Fight for Vendors

  1. Hire non-wedding vendors

    Non-wedding vendors are awesome. You can hire a general photographer or an event planner. These are great options if the vendors in your area are booked up or if you’re looking to save some $$$. Same with venues. Think outside the box. The hotel ballrooms and the wedding venues are booked until 2031? Try restaurants with open floor plans, music venues, and even comedy clubs. Eyeball places in your local areas that don’t do weddings often that might be available.

  2. Book on minimums

    Find a caterer/venue who will let you get started with a low minimum guest count needed (some will say you need a minimum of 100 guests, but find one that’s more like 50-75). You can always upgrade but can’t always downgrade. With all that’s ongoing with the pandemic, you might have to cut your guest list and don’t want to be on the hook for paying for 100 people when you really only want 50 there.

  3. Split costs with other couples

    You can save $$ sharing costs with other couples getting married on that same weekend - from sharing flowers to linens, table rentals and more.

  4. Look for flexibility

    Eyeball every single contract you sign and make sure it has a clause that gives you flexibility in case you have to pivot, pause, or cancel your wedding.

  5. Elope now, plan later

    Get married now and elope. Save the money. Invest in and make 7% interest a year and in a few years, use that cash growth to plan an even better wedding. Just an idea!

    Ps. are you team elope?

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    Also, if your friends aren’t sure what matters for their wedding and what not to spend money on because no one cares - show them this:

    I’ve been to hundreds of weddings as a hired bridesmaid and I always say that guests care the most about:

    -Food and bar


    -Comfort (air conditioning, tents for outdoors, etc.)

    The couple usually cares about:

    -Looking good (outfits and beauty)



    No one really cares to remember:

    -The decor

    -Party favors

    -Tons of tiny signs around the venue

    So there you go! Trying to get married in the next few years? Expect your budget to be stretched.

    Know someone getting married? Forward this to them. You’ll be on the top of their favorites list and maybe even snag a spot at table #2.

    Love you (for as long as we both shall live),

    Jen Glantz

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